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Buying in Wikipedia.
Buying in securities, a process in which a buyer whose seller fails to deliver the securities contracted for, can buy" in" the securities from a third party. Management buy-in, when an outside management becomes a company's' new management by buying it.
Buying or selling a home.
You will also need insurance on your new home. More information on buying and selling a home in French or Dutch. If you buy a house or a building plot, you will normally be subject to registration duty in French or Dutch.
iPhone Buying iPhone Apple.
Requires upgrade of an existing line or activation of a new line in stores and purchase of a new iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max on qualifying 30 month 0% APR installment plan, subject to carrier credit qualification. If buying on the ATT Installment Plan with Next Up, customer is responsible and will not receive any credits for an additional 5/mo.
Sales and Distribution Platform for fashion brands in the US and Canada.
BUYINGSHOW is the ordering sales platform, which assists international brands to enter the market of North America. The platform gives shops better buying options and enables them to run from the same platform their B2C online sales. The platform integrates brands, shops, warehouses, shipping companies and payment solutions.

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