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Generate Definition of Generate by Merriam-Webster.
generate je-n-rt generated; generating. Kids Definition of generate.: to cause to come into being Windmills can generate electricity. Her comments have generated excitement. generate jen-rt generated; generating. Medical Definition of generate. to bring into existence especially: procreate generate innumerable offspring.
Generating function Wikipedia.
For instance, since 1 x n displaystyle 1xn is the ordinary generating function for binomial coefficients for a fixed n, one may ask for a bivariate generating function that generates the binomial coefficients n k displaystyle binom nk for all k and n. generating English Dictionary.
artificial snow generating plant. emergency power generating set. peak-load generating unit. 5 Words: Nouns. impairment of cash generating assets IAS 36. Wertminderungen pl von zahlungsmittelgenerierenden Vermögenswerten IAS 36. joint venture power generating plant. See 5 more translations for generating within comments.
Generating definition of generating by The Free Dictionary.
Generating a vector space. Generating An Amalgam of Realtime Novel Editors and Toolkits. Generating and Analyzing Networks. Generating Availability Data System. Generating Economic Growth. Generating Expectations for Student Achievement. Generating Force Enterprise Activity. Generating Medicare Physician Quality Performance Measurement Results.

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