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Internal combustion engine Wikipedia.
The pistons are short cylindrical parts which seal one end of the cylinder from the high pressure of the compressed air and combustion products and slide continuously within it while the engine is in operation. The top wall of the piston is termed its crown and is typically flat or concave.
Petrol engine Wikipedia.
Main article: History of the internal combustion engine. The first practical petrol engine was built in 1876 in Germany by Nicolaus August Otto, 1 although there had been earlier attempts by √Čtienne Lenoir, Siegfried Marcus, Julius Hock, and George Brayton.
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2020 Why can't' engine manufacturers come up with an engine similar to what is on the more fuel-efficient aircraft for example, producing a version of the engine that is on a 787 or a 777 to fit and safely propel the 747?
Engine Wikipedia.
Engines of similar or even identical configuration and operation may use a supply of heat from other sources such as nuclear, solar, geothermal or exothermic reactions not involving combustion; but are not then strictly classed as external combustion engines, but as external thermal engines.

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